Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Travel Is No Friend to Multi-Minding Women

Yet another evening spent in an airport... wishing I could see my kids before they go to bed and not able to do much productive work after thumb-typing for two hours on my handheld device. Yes, after after spending 10 hours traveling and six hours in meetings yesterday (and having done that for years), I have concluded that air travel is a multi-minding mom's worst enemy.

So much time is wasted. I can't stand it. Between the lines, the delays and the generally unpleasant state of air travel and the airlines, you can't make any part of the experience work for you.

I take that back with two exceptions. The only physical stores (meaning not online) I shop at anymore are at airports because the delays enable me to buy gifts there. The air mall at the Pittsburgh airport is one of the best. And on occasion, I've been known to visit Express Spas at the airport. When you have hours of waiting, a 15-minute massage is a worthwhile indulgence.

If you have any tips for making the most of your time while you travel, PLEASE share!

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