Monday, March 31, 2008

Batteries: A Problem for Busy Moms

I received a post that I had to share from a mom who has a message for toy marketers and battery manufacturers: batteries bite. Multi-minding moms, busy with a million things a day, can't be bothered with battery upkeep. Isn't there a better way? Help!

Here's the post and thanks, AC for sharing:

"But can we pause and talk about batteries for a minute? They're my nemesis, the absolute death of me. Sure they make toys vroom and zoom and do all sorts of cool things, but every time I turn around, something needs a new battery. And why is it that every toy -- even toys you wouldn't think need batteries -- require them? And a screwdriver. Sure I own a Costco-sized box, but I'm forever buying them. Or at least thinking about buying them. I need Ed McMahon to show up on my front lawn with a life-time supply. No wonder it's so difficult to get things done, I'm always replacing batteries!

Just think how much more time we'd have to do useful and productive activities if we did not have to replace batteries.

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