Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Get Fit in No Time with the Navy Seals

It’s that time of the year... swimsuit season is just a few months away. We are looking to shed a few pounds and trying to get in shape. Who has the time, or the desire, to think about new, more healthful foods, a new exercise routine, new exercise equipment, a gym membership?

Add this to the consideration list. I was listening to a fitness instructor who said you should not do the same work-out day after day. You need to “surprise” your muscles.

Maybe all of you know this already, but my Comcast On-Demand channels now include dozens of fitness and sports training activities. On Saturday, bored with my Stairmaster and threatened by the guy who implied the almost-daily Stairmaster routine won’t surprise my body enough to help fitness, I discovered (OK, my husband showed me) the on-demand options. I was intrigued by Navy Seals training modules and guess what – they are seven to eight minutes long! Perfect. Did the stretching module and felt proud. Now I am a Navy Seals training regular.

No longer confined to Gilad on Fit TV, I love being able to access a variety of brief fitness programs when I want them, usually at 6:30 in the morning.

Any quick and easy health or wellness enablers you know of?


Julie said...

I love your idea. Tonight, I have to stop to get 3 dozen cupcakes for a Boy Scout meeting, make the spaghetti that I took out of the freezer this am, run out to a Blue Star mom meeting @7(It's in a town 30min away)And I'm hoping Elizabeth doesn't have homework...and of coarse Brian is out of town until Friday. Julie

marti barletta said...

Try Jorge Cruise' 8 Minutes in the Morning routines. The whole idea is to get your metabolism revved up first thing in the morning, each and every morning so you get the "afterburn" boost each day, instead of only 3 days a week. He seems to be one of Oprah's faves - and you should see the *hundreds* of comments on amazon from people who have used his books to lose weight - some a little, some a whole lot. So - Navy Seals for the buff like you; Jorge Cruise for the slowpokes like me!

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