Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fundraisers: Good Causes Can Help You Save Time

Seems like you can't escape fundraisers -- every school, sport, charitable organization and community has one, or several. I used to look at fundraisers as something else I had to do... having to take the time to fill out paperwork for something extra I really did not need.

It occurred to me at some point, though, that what I buy through fundraisers could actually replace things I would buy and, given many fundraising products are delivered to your door, could save me time, too.

So, rather than make a trip to the store to buy candy at Easter time, I buy all of the candy through my son's school fundraiser. It helps the school and it's delivered to me. No extra trip to the store. At the holidays, instead of searching for small gifts for a variety of co-workers, friends and teachers, I patronize the Cub Scouts popcorn sale. Everyone seems to like the popcorn and the purchase helps my son's cub scout troop.

Try participating in the next fundraiser that comes your way. You are helping a local cause and your too busy to shop, multi-minding lifestyle.

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