Thursday, March 6, 2008

Don't Rearrange the Grocery Store Aisles

Here I am, a multi-minding woman with lots on her mind. Important stuff like what really good, nutritious meal can I put on the table quickly when I get home at 6:30 after work. That’s what I’m thinking as I enter my local grocery store. That and should I let my four-year-old daughter use the handheld bar code scanner, which will take 12 minutes longer, or do I stand in line at the checkout and have to take my groceries out of the cart twice. Yes, for the sake of time, I debate that kind of stuff, along with do I spend five minutes standing in line at the deli today.

Walking into the store, I realize I have a new challenge. They are rearranging the aisles. Not just a few product lines, but the entire inner section! I can’t believe it. With daughter in tow, I have to search out every item… for weeks! I am not happy. I can’t plan my shopping list by the store layout. I can no longer breeze through aisles knowing where everything is. It takes me 23 minutes more to get what I need. If I had a reasonable alternative, I’d switch stores.

Rearranging more than two aisles at a time in the grocery store is an enemy of the busy woman and should be illegal.

Any grocery stores that are organized for multi-minding women?

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