Thursday, March 13, 2008

Grocery Stores and Exercise Are Hot Buttons

Thanks to all of you who posted comments or e-mailed me about the trials and tribulations of grocery stores and quick and easy exercising. The responses proved how we are all trying to squeeze so much into our days and were full of great tips. You all have a great sense of humor. When I read your responses, I laughed out loud. We all need that. Hope you all can find a moment in your busy day to laugh.

A few highlights to share for my fellow multi-minding women...
- Try Jorge Cruise's 8 Minutes in the Morning workout -- fun, fast and effective (thanks, Marti!)
- Tracy added "I have shopping down to a science and I detest anything that slows down my process." I can relate.
- Julie shared her post-work runaround that included picking up cupcakes, cooking dinner, attending a meeting, homework supervision -- all while her husband is traveling. Such is the life of an in-demand woman.
- Maria shared a story of the "Deli Dilemma," which I thought was so entertaining that I'd share it in full...

The Deli Dilemma
I welcome the time-saving feature of the self-service kiosk at the deli. I can quickly type in my order –dexterity is one of my strong attributes. As the order is processed, I am happily multi-tasking by shopping for other groceries. However, the majority of time, I find there is an attractive, “professionally-made”, white paper sign with hand-written, black Sharpie letters posted on the kiosk that boldly announces “Out Of Order.” Meanwhile, under the sign, I can hear the kiosk welcoming me to place an order The situation exasperates me.

My conspiracy theory is that the part-time deli clerks don’t want the extra work load of processing the kiosk orders. Unlike multi-minded ladies, they have all the time in the world – they are AT work. There is no incentive to process orders more efficiently, so why bother. So, as my blood pressure rises, because I see precious time being wasted, I grudgingly grab a number. Typically, there is a six to eight person wait. So, in the nearby aisles, I frantically search for soda, juice and snacks while periodically checking the rotation of numbers. And, God forbid if you miss your number. It’s like a mortal sin trying to regain pole position!

Once my number is bellowed, I wait again for the clerk to open the package of meat (never fails there’s not one open), slice it to my liking, package it and ask for the next item. In addition, I especially enjoy the chit chat amongst the clerks - wasting more of my time. Meanwhile, my multi-mind is thinking about finishing this daunting task and returning home to spend time with my family.Overall, I guess the deli trip is worth it because my kids enjoy lunches packed by Mom that include little love notes.
Maria T. Brady“Momtrepreneur”Marketing Agency Owner and Jewelry Gallery Partner

Thanks, all, for your tips and stories.

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