Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Multi-Minding Cab Ride

As a working and traveling mom, I spend a good deal of time in cabs. It's usually a time to make and return phone calls and organize receipts. Down time is simply not an option!

In New York, yesterday, I stepped into a cab that actually helped my multi-tasking and multi-minding. A video screen in the cab provided some news and feature stories of interest to women. The touch screen enabled the rider to control the volume and to pick options of items to view. There was even a banner ad for a "great two-bedroom in Chelsea for under $1M with storage and outdoor space."

In a cab, you are certainly a captive audience with relatively low expectations about the ride. This ride enabled me to learn a bit about autistic kids through a news feature and even hear two movie reviews.

Now, if I only had time to go see a movie!

Any interesting tools you have seen that help us make more of our busy day?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogs Provide Short-Cuts to Purchases

We busy women are always looking for short-cuts in researching purchases. Many times, we turn to friends and family for recommendations on a variety of categories.

Many of you have told me that mommy blogs are playing an increasing role in serving as a resource for recommendations. I've also noticed more and more blogs dedicating more time and space to product reviews.

How many of you are using blogs as a source for recommendations? Do the product reviews drive you to purchase?

Let me know. I'd love to hear.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Too Busy to Blog

Sorry for the delay in creating this latest post. I've been too busy to blog.

I've heard from a number of you about how and when you CROP, or look for CRedible OPinions as a short cut to purchase because we are all too busy to to do all of the research ourselves. Many women turn to friends and family -- sisters, moms, close friends -- online and offline to get recommendations.

For example, my sister knows everyone in the world and can quickly recommend anything from a the quickest place to get X-rays to the best place to get prepared salad.

Who do you turn to and for what? Let me know. I'd love to include examples in my book, Too Busy to Shop, which will be published in spring of 2009.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who Do You Turn to for Recommendations?

When you are a woman who is too busy to shop, it helps to get opinions and recomendations from people or places you trust as a short cut to researching what you want to buy.

Need someone new to cut your hair? Buying a new camera? Researching pre-schools? In my experience, busy women usually do not start from scratch. They simply do not have time. They turn to friends, family, media, colleagues, web sites or somewhere that gives them information they feel they can trust. Women are searching for CRedible OPinions as a short cut to a purchase decision. I call it CROPing.

How do you CROP? Who do you go to for recommendations and for what? I'd love to know more and plan to include the general themes and some good examples in my upcoming book, Too Busy to Shop: Marketing to Multi-Minding Women, which will be published in spring of 2009 by Praeger Publishers.

Let me know how you CROP.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Too Busy to Shop? Let Others Help

I could not have survived this last weekend without letting others do a great deal of the shopping and work. I pride myself on being prepared, as many multi-minding women do. Control of the details = control of life, which is much needed when you are juggling what seems to be a million details.

With my mom's 7oth birthday party on Friday night, my husband's birthday dinner on Saturday night and my son's First Communion and Conformation on Sunday, plus fishing, baseball practice, hair appointments and the fact that I had to be out-of-town on business Wednesday through Friday, it was a busy weekend to say the least.

How did I manage? First, I made as many preparations beforehand as possible -- ordered birthday gifts online, grocery shopped before I left on my business trip and froze perishable items, enlisted my kiddies to help make centerpieces for Confirmation reception the weekend before. Fortunately, my sister made the arrangements for my mom's party, including the cake and flowers. My husband reserved the space and talked to the events coordinator for my son's reception.

Without the help of my husband, my sister and my kids, I simply cold not have managed to cover all of the bases. So many times we try to do it all ourselves. Even if you are the one who is mentally juggling all of the details, let others help with the work.

Let me know how you manage to get it all done. I'll share your suggestions.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Make the Most of Travel Time

Spending a lot of time in airports is not my idea of fun, but I have to do it anyway. Being the multi-minding woman that I am, I try to make the time work for me. Here are some suggestions for things you can accomplish in an airport:

- shop for a month's supply of birthday and anniversary gifts and cards. Many retailers will hold the purchases for you so you don't have to carry them while you travel. Just pick them up when you come back through the airport.

- splurge on a 15-minute massage or manicure at the Express Spa. Can't make time for such treats on a non-travel day that is consumed with kids and work.

- buy a new tube of lipstick. You won't have to choose a color that your four-year old daughter likes, too.

- buy a book or magazine and actually have a few minutes to READ it. What a concept!

- call a girlfriend you've been meaning to catch up with but life always seems to get in the way.

- bring along your holiday cards are address the envelopes, uninterrupted, allowing you to actually get them done.

Bring on your suggestions for airport accomplishments so other multi-minding women can learn from you.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Save Time, Buy Jeans Online

What busy woman has time to try on endless numbers of pairs of jeans, trying to find a pair that fits well, while your kids are peeking under the curtains of the neighboring dressing rooms and hiding in the clothes rounders in the store?

Try going to and find your fit online. There are lots of styles to choose from that enable you to bend down and tie your child's shoe laces without revealing half of your backside. Jeans that fit are delivered to your front door. Love it.