Monday, July 28, 2008

Lost Luggage Makes Me Lose My Multi-Mind

When USAirways lost my luggage last week ( I went to NY, while my luggage somehow went to Washington, D.C.), I nearly lost my mind and certainly my ability to multi-mind.

I did not intend to check the bag. There wasn't room left in the overheads when I got on the plan so the luggage was taken by a flight attendant, supposedly to go straight into the plane below. I was going to NY to attend some big meetings and dinner and then my children and husband were to join me for a long weekend. All of my meeting clothes, my children's clothes, kids snacks, my toiletries and the ORIGINAL notes for my book were all in that bag that I did not intent to check.

When I arrived in NY, I was a busy woman who had no clothes for myself, no clothes for my kids, no comb, no blush and NO ORIGINAL NOTES FOR MY BOOK. That situation continued for FIVE days. Making countless call to USAirways early in the morning, late at night and on every meeting break did not help and greatly inhibited my ability to concentrate on anything else. In the hour I had between meetings and dinner, I had to power shop for a few things so I did not have to wear the same sundress and underwear I arrived in for a third consecutive day.

My husband had to pack new bags for my kids and for me and bring them along with the kids and his bags to NY. All of my efforts to be prepared and ease the travel burden for my family was for naught.

Not only did my bag vanish into thin air, but the claim ticket the flight attendant gave me was for the passenger in 20D... I was sitting in 10C. That at least explained why they could not trace it. Finally, the day before I was to leave for home, the call came. Marva at USAirways in DC had solved the mystery. Thank you, Marva! The bag arrived in time for me to turn around and go home.

Needless to say, I did not check the bag on the return trip. Needless to say, I will avoid checking luggage ever again in my life. It's worth saying that the lost baggage situation greatly compromised my productivity and ability to get things done. I hate that.

Anything compromising your abilit to multi-mind and get things done? Let me know.