Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Too Busy to Film TV Show

I recently finished filming a kids TV show for the BBC. Called "Beat the Boss," the show pits three adult business people (the Big Shots) against three 12-year-olds (the Bright Sparks) to come up with a new product for kids. Our challenge was to come up with a new sauce for Heinz. It was very fun and interesting. I met some great people -- my fellow Big Shots, the very bright indeed Bright Sparks, the producers and crew.

Having not done TV before, I did not realize the time it takes to create a 30-minute show... in this case, five days of filming! That means about 50 hours of film will be edited into 30 minutes. I have definitely concluded that I am too busy to do TV again!

Look for the show to air on the BBC between January and April and see who won!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Too Busy to Travel

At this point in time, you'd think there would be a better way to travel than the trying, draining, demeaning, time suck that is air travel. I love spending time with my colleagues and clients in other cities, but I hate the time wasted in airports needed to get there... time that could be spent with my family, but instead is spent waiting on delayed, cancelled and irritating flights.

I am particularly sensitive to the topic as I prepare two weeks on the road, including two red-eye flights. I start out on these journeys with a positive attitude and doing my best at multi-minding -- trying to shop for the holidays, catch up on magazine reading, working on my book and indulging in a 15-minute back massage at ExpressSpa. But, after all my productive work is done, there are still many grueling hours left.

What do you do to make travel more enjoyable? Is there are marketer that's doing a good job of helping? Let me know.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beware of Kids Singing Viva Viagra after Watching Baseball Playoffs

As major league baseball will tell you, it's October and that means playyoff baseball. That's supposed to be a good thing. Not a huge interest for a busy, multi-minding woman like me or many of you, I suspect. But, my husband and son love it. It's like apple pie, right?

Well, it did get my attention the other night, but not because of wins, losses or outstanding pitching. After watching many a game, my eight-year old son started singing "viva viagra" around the house. You know, that lovely tune based on Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas," only for ED.

So now do I need to explain ED and Viagra to my son and pleasd with him not to sing it in school or just let it go and let everyone have a good laugh?

Why do marketers have to do that?