Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vacation Reduces Multi-Minding and Increases Opportunities for Marketing

Getting out of the work routine for a few weeks has tremendous, positive impact. I spent an incredible amount of time with my kids and husband, stayed up late, slept in and indulged at the spa. That's because of the things I did NOT do -- work, spend time in the car, keep up the house, get kids to activities, grocery shop every few days and multi-mind to the degree I normally need to to accomplish everything that's on my list.

Given my schedule was far less pressed, I was actually open to thinking about or trying new things. I strolled through the grocery store at the beach and looked at and tried new foods and wines. I scanned the local reviews to find the best crab cakes and then made a trip expressly to buy them. The welcome basket at the beach house provide a pasta sauce I had never used before. We tried it and liked it.

In short, the more relaxed atmosphere vacations provide are great opportunities for marketers to catch women in a more accepting frame or mind, and with more time, to try something new.When are you most likely to try something new? Let me know.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pre-vacation Motivation

There's nothing like the thought of an upcoming vacation to motivate me into major check-off the check list mode. New business proposal, check. Bills paid, check. Flowers planted, check. Sun screen, goodie bags for car ride, bottle of champagne for arrival, check.

Father's day gift? With just three days until vacation departure, I'll never make it to Lowe's, Home Depot or Dick's Sporting Goods, the hubby's favs. So, just went online and ordered what he's been lusting for... a new outdoor fire pit, wood-burning, of course. No travel time. No $4.00 a gallon gas needed. And guess what? No shipping charges! Considering the fire pit is 58 pounds, that's a huge bonus. www.firepits.com if any of you want to do the same.

And one more tip on a very nice etailer... www.pilotwear.com. Was looking for a Red Baron airplane at the request of my seven-year-old son for his birthday. Knew it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack at retail, so found one quickly at pilotwear.com. I ordered the red Baron and another model I thought he'd like that was black, but then he told me he does not like black planes. I replied back to the e-mail order confirmation and received a nice note from Steve at pilotwear, assuring me the change would be made and I would not be charged.

Nice to get a note from a person with a name who assured me I was being taken care of. More etailers should do the same.