Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Too Busy to Sort through Blogs, Twitter and Still Have a Life

mommytrackd, twitter, the juggle, momcentral, twittermoms.... There are so many great blogs, resources and sites out there. I love to visit them, post and comment and I learn about a new one everyday. Yesterday, it was the Motherhood, started by two very cool moms who have a great idea -- blog sorting an aggregation. The site helps aggregate content from blogs and sites.

With time being such a premium and the amount of content exploding, this multi-minding woman needs help in prioitizing. Love any ideas that help manage and streamline content I want to see.

What's your go-to resource for the best of the best content? If you could only read one blog a day or visit one site, what would it be?

Love to hear from you.

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mooselovingmamabear aka: Gail, Mom and other things said...

Great question...

I'm just now trying to find the "perfect" place...I'm too old for some and working outside of the home, don't fit in...ummmm...just a mis-fit blogger (now, that's a great name for a blog...LOL)