Monday, September 8, 2008

A Multi-Minding Woman in the White House?

Have to say, I love the idea of a woman, one with young children and all of the challenges of leading a multi-minding lifestyle, in the White House. Sarah Palin's life experiences as a woman and mom have the potential to change how work and life work are blended in the future.

While her life is not perfect, neither is mine or those of my friends and family. Just like we have to figure it our day by day, so will she. And, for the first time, those realities that we juggle could be juggled by one of the top women in our country. She knows first hand what we know and what we have to do every day.

Many moms have figured out how to do it their way by leveraging the power of blogs as businesses. I love that technology has enabled moms to raise families and work in ways that were impossible just a few short years ago. Perhaps having a working mom in the White House can have equally profound effects on how we, and our daughters, will juggle family and work.

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