Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Multi-Minding Cab Ride

As a working and traveling mom, I spend a good deal of time in cabs. It's usually a time to make and return phone calls and organize receipts. Down time is simply not an option!

In New York, yesterday, I stepped into a cab that actually helped my multi-tasking and multi-minding. A video screen in the cab provided some news and feature stories of interest to women. The touch screen enabled the rider to control the volume and to pick options of items to view. There was even a banner ad for a "great two-bedroom in Chelsea for under $1M with storage and outdoor space."

In a cab, you are certainly a captive audience with relatively low expectations about the ride. This ride enabled me to learn a bit about autistic kids through a news feature and even hear two movie reviews.

Now, if I only had time to go see a movie!

Any interesting tools you have seen that help us make more of our busy day?

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