Monday, April 14, 2008

Too Busy to Shop? Let Others Help

I could not have survived this last weekend without letting others do a great deal of the shopping and work. I pride myself on being prepared, as many multi-minding women do. Control of the details = control of life, which is much needed when you are juggling what seems to be a million details.

With my mom's 7oth birthday party on Friday night, my husband's birthday dinner on Saturday night and my son's First Communion and Conformation on Sunday, plus fishing, baseball practice, hair appointments and the fact that I had to be out-of-town on business Wednesday through Friday, it was a busy weekend to say the least.

How did I manage? First, I made as many preparations beforehand as possible -- ordered birthday gifts online, grocery shopped before I left on my business trip and froze perishable items, enlisted my kiddies to help make centerpieces for Confirmation reception the weekend before. Fortunately, my sister made the arrangements for my mom's party, including the cake and flowers. My husband reserved the space and talked to the events coordinator for my son's reception.

Without the help of my husband, my sister and my kids, I simply cold not have managed to cover all of the bases. So many times we try to do it all ourselves. Even if you are the one who is mentally juggling all of the details, let others help with the work.

Let me know how you manage to get it all done. I'll share your suggestions.

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