Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Too Busy to Film TV Show

I recently finished filming a kids TV show for the BBC. Called "Beat the Boss," the show pits three adult business people (the Big Shots) against three 12-year-olds (the Bright Sparks) to come up with a new product for kids. Our challenge was to come up with a new sauce for Heinz. It was very fun and interesting. I met some great people -- my fellow Big Shots, the very bright indeed Bright Sparks, the producers and crew.

Having not done TV before, I did not realize the time it takes to create a 30-minute show... in this case, five days of filming! That means about 50 hours of film will be edited into 30 minutes. I have definitely concluded that I am too busy to do TV again!

Look for the show to air on the BBC between January and April and see who won!

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Vince said...

It sounds interesting.
I've got one -- ketchup and mustard in one bottle, not mixed together, but dispensed neatly in both red and yellow.