Monday, November 10, 2008

Multi-Minding Moms Will Love Oscar the Pig

Of all the things that busy, multi-minding women juggle, going back to work has to be among THE most stressful. The transition is difficult for mom, dad and kids. Now, Oscar the Pig is here to help. Little Oscar, his mommy and his nanny tell a story that makes everyone more comfortable when mommy leaves to go to work, or in my case, leaves to travel on business.

"Read it again, mommy," is the reaction I got from my five year-old daughter. Nothing warms a mother's heart more than hearing her child laugh and my daughter giggled out loud every time I read the line "piggy kisses."

Written by Megan Calhoun, a multi-minding mom herself and founder of twitter moms, the text is cute and cleverly-written and accompanied with beautiful illustrations.

If you are multi-minding mom who is going back to work, if you have a child who struggles with you leaving to go to work or to travel, Oscar the pig will help. The book is available at ($16-$18) or at

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