Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Social Media "Lite?"

I have heard so many multi-minding women say that they have social media "fatigue." You know, that condition where you toggle between FB, Twitter and your favorite blogs and you just get tired of or can't find the time to keep up. I've heard many women say they want more "aggregators," or places they can go for more of a one-stop shop that would cut down on time and effort.

Here's an interesting approach being explored by Facebook from this morning's Daily Beast...

Facebook To Launch 'Lite' Version

Do you yearn for the good old days, when Facebook did not have all those annoying applications? Well yearn no longer. Facebook has just tested a 'Lite' version of its site that strips down all the complicated features and leaves only the basics: the wall, the photos, the status updates, and the friends. The site was designed so that it could be accessed from parts of the world with limited broadband speed, but may well have appeal to the average user. It is as yet unclear, however, whether the site will be available in the United States. News of the streamlined site was leaked late last night when Facebook mistakenly sent invites to a wide range of users. Commentators are already suggests that this is a move by Facebook to better compete with Twitter, which it failed the purchase last year.

Just as many marketers are jumping on board FB with applications like fan pages and stores, the game changes.

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