Monday, July 27, 2009

BlogHer: Deep Discussions and Lots of Fun

BlogHer '09 was an unbelievably energetic gathering of nearly 1,400 bloggers, influentials, media and marketing folks that covered topics ranging from disclosure and the FTC guidelines to fall fashion and makeovers onthe trade show floor.
I was there to attend the business conference (definitely worthwhile), sign Too Busy to Shop books (see me with Forbes Woman reporter, Heidi Brown at left), and meet and greet the wonderful cadre of bloghers.
Key takeaways from the business conference:
- Don't try to go t from zero to 60 in social media. Listen and take logical next steps. Avoid "cool tools" until they are the logical next step.
- LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN, before, during and after the program. Do nothing before listening.
- Get your organization on board internally, including legal.
- Measure the quality and quantity of online engagement.
- Approach bloggers with an authentic and relevant theme.
- Disclosure and the FTC Guidelines are a hot topic, with disclosure being the key.
By far, the best part was the interaction with other marketers, bloggers and media. What a great group that I am honored to be a part of.
More to come later on the main BlogHer conference.

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Patti Minglin said...

Great analysis, Kelley! Your BlogHer Business "take-aways" were spot on and I hope all marketers and brand leaders learn how to successfully maneuver this new terrain of social media. I especially like the idea of not always needing to go from 0 to 60--a lesson that really works for all our marketing efforts these days!