Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Green Purse: Great Place if You Are Too Busy to Shop

If you have not visited or read the book by the same name, now is the time. Diane MacEachern, founder and CEO of Big Green Purse, was just named an "eco-hero" by Glamour Magazine (see Web site above for more details). Congratulations, Diane!

“Future generations depend on our vigilance. We must care,” says Lisa Jackson in the magazine.

Diane is a great example of caring and gives women excellent examples of how they can care and put the power of their purse behind their purchase decisions.

Let me know how you put the power of your purse behind your purchase decisions when it comes to green products.


Bill Weil said...

This is much appreciated. We need to increasingly raise our consciousness and vigilance. Mostly I put the power of my "purse" to work by not buying junk I don't need (or my kids don't need). One benefit of the Great Recession is with spending down 30%, so is the level of garbage we are generating. I also opt for used books, when available (which is most of the time), even if they are roughly the same price as the new one.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas, Bill. Thanks for your comments. Nice to meet you.