Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vacation Reduces Multi-Minding and Increases Opportunities for Marketing

Getting out of the work routine for a few weeks has tremendous, positive impact. I spent an incredible amount of time with my kids and husband, stayed up late, slept in and indulged at the spa. That's because of the things I did NOT do -- work, spend time in the car, keep up the house, get kids to activities, grocery shop every few days and multi-mind to the degree I normally need to to accomplish everything that's on my list.

Given my schedule was far less pressed, I was actually open to thinking about or trying new things. I strolled through the grocery store at the beach and looked at and tried new foods and wines. I scanned the local reviews to find the best crab cakes and then made a trip expressly to buy them. The welcome basket at the beach house provide a pasta sauce I had never used before. We tried it and liked it.

In short, the more relaxed atmosphere vacations provide are great opportunities for marketers to catch women in a more accepting frame or mind, and with more time, to try something new.When are you most likely to try something new? Let me know.

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